Big news

I might be moving out.

Yeah, yeah, so I’ve talked about it for weeks now, but this is seriously cool. See, there’s a lot of reasons it’s easier to stay home: free food, free bed, free laundry, etc. Also, I’m not really sure I want to come home to myself every night. Sure, I’m a hermit of sorts, but it’s nice to have other people around, even if I ignore them.

But Beth’s been thinking about getting a roommate now that Jordan’s moved out. (Yes, that’s right, her boyfriend. Don’t even ask me about that. I try to keep my mouth shut when she brings that up. Call me a religious conservative wacko if you want. It’s not true, but it’ll make you feel better, I’m sure.)

Seriously, this is big news. I’d have someone living with me, a friend even, and I only have to pay half what I would anywhere else. (Except for that box down the street. That’s free.)

I told Beth I’d think about it. What I meant is that I’ll break the news to my parents. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not so sure they like Beth that much.

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