Daniel and Ellen Parson sat on a bench outside the library. They had come to drop off a book their youngest son had borrowed, and it being the first day with all their kids at camp, they had decided to make it an outing and walk the mile from their house. From the bench they looked out onto the parking lot, where rain cascaded against the cars.

“I can’t believe I didn’t think to bring the umbrella,” said Ellen. “It was getting dark when we left home.”

“It’s okay. We have some time.”

The rain increased in rapidity. Just outside the awning that protected them, rivers of water flowed into the drain.

“I haven’t just sat and watched the rain for…maybe my entire life,” Daniel said. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it, how it hits the ground?”

“I guess it is. Like watching a nature video.”

Somehow, their hands found each other. It was a little strange, and they glanced at one another. “Been awhile since we just sat,” said Ellen. “There’s always something going on, even if it’s only dishes or homework. I feel almost guilty just sitting here.”

“Maybe God invented rain to make us slow up.” Daniel looked up at the swift-moving clouds. “How do they hold all that water? It’s a miracle.”

“I never really thought about it.”

The patter of rain was slowing, and it seemed about to stop, but the next moment it let loose with another downpour.

“There really is a lot of rain,” said Ellen.

Twenty minutes passed, and the clouds, driven by the winds above, brought thick drops at times and sprinkles at others.

“Maybe we’ll sit here all day,” said Ellen.

“Well, why not? You’re here.”

Ellen smiled. “We might get hungry.”

“I think I can survive an empty stomach.”

“Me, too.”

A few minutes later, Daniel turned to his wife. “Let’s walk.”

“In the rain?”

“Yes, in the rain.”

“My shoes will get wet.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“I hate wet shoes.”

“Let’s walk in the rain and get soaked. Like kids.”


They entered the downpour, and as they walked, they wiped water from their eyes as it dripped down from their hair. Their feet squished in their shoes and their clothes clung to them. The rain continued unabated until they arrived home, happily drenched.

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