Introduction – What is the Story Project?

The Story Project was an experiment.

Before I discovered the world of web serials, I gathered five of my writer friends and attempted a collaborative, real-time web serial told through the journals of 13 fictional characters. The Project lasted two years. It had its ups and downs, real life got in the way, but we completed what we set out to do, and when I look back at what we accomplished, I’m proud of it.

What I’m presenting here is a republication of the Story Project just as it first came out in 2005-2006.

It wouldn’t be fair to publish this book without giving credit to the real authors of it, who have given me permission to post it here. There are six of us, sharing responsibility for the creation of this story through one, two, or three fictional characters each of us developed.

We are, in the order in which our characters appear in the Project after the Foreword, Maura Oprisko, Timothy Deal, Natasha Hayden, Nick Hayden, Aaron Brosman, and David Miller.

Series NavigationJanuary 1, 2005 – Foreword
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