February 14, 2005 – Remember Love?

By Dr. Xayyachack

Remember love? I’ve forgotten about it more than once.

I’m not speaking of romantic love; the desire for romance has become ingrained in many of us Americans, and most of us think about that regularly. I am speaking of a more basic sort of love – the genuine, brotherly love that we are meant to show everyone – the type of love that we give not because of a person’s personality or appearance or any other endearing traits. In fact, the recipient likely deserves our love as little as we deserve God’s, which is exactly the point. Love one another as God has loved us, to paraphrase the apostle John. It is this type of love that I have forgotten many times over the years.

Despite (or perhaps due to) my perpetual studies into the universe around me, I often find myself lost in a wholly mental world where facts, ideas, and theories are more visible to me than physical objects such as people. Judy has frequently had to pull me from the world of my mind into the more established world where God has placed my body to keep me accountable for my responsibilities in this world…. Oh dear. Once again, I’m sounding like I should be in a mental institution somewhere…. The point is, since my way of life has tended to be cerebral, I constantly have to remind myself to show love to the people I meet and not ignore them in the midst of my studies.

I find comfort in knowing that most, if not all, of us have difficulty showing love at all times. I observed, with much amusement, our new writer Lance try to woo Katrina with flowers, poetry, gentlemanly acts of servitude, and the beginning of a story dedicated to her beauty. It was remarkable all the new ways Katrina found to cut Lance down each time he offered, in his words, “a trifle of a gift for a radiant cherub who has hidden herself in shadows.” Sarah started a list of Katrina’s put-downs, claiming it would prove useful for her (though I believe Sarah found the situation far more amusing than I did). By the end of this St. Valentine’s Day, it seems Katrina is on the verge of hating poor Lance, who appears perplexed about his lack of success.

Watching all of this, I felt sufficiently reminded about love. Though Katrina need feel no obligation to “fall in love” with Lance, she has forgotten, like many of us, (or perhaps she never learned) to love her enemy or, in this case, the one who drives her crazy. Such an attitude of love is hard to maintain; I don’t know anyone in history who could maintain it perfectly except Jesus Christ. Still, we are called to show this love as best as we can. I plan to renew my efforts for love and to encourage the others to do the same.

Of course, with a group of writers this diverse and opinionated, love could get lost in the background. But let’s hope not.

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