February 24, 2005 – The Sarah Paraphrase

By Sarah Smith

The meeting was today.

So, I was floored. It’s amazing how I sometimes project my feelings on certain issues upon my peers, and assume that they feel the same way I do. I guess I expected everyone to shoot down the whole poem thing, especially since we have so many applicants waiting to be considered. Why hold it up on one poet who was stupid enough to forget to include his or her name?

Nobody else saw it this way, though. Ms. Talbot gave everyone a copy and read it out loud about three times, and everyone gave her not only the go-ahead, but a very enthusiastic go-ahead on finding this person. The agreed-upon solution was to publish the poem and offer a shout-out to its writer – hey, get your butt up to my office and identify yourself; we want you. More or less, I mean. That’s, you know … the Sarah paraphrase.

Maybe she’ll finally let it go now. Holy flippin’ moly.

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