January 13, 2005 – Peeking Around The Corner

Dr. Xayyachack

Glad tidings! Cassandra has agreed to use the mansion as headquarters for all Story Project meetings and activities. She said she was grateful I offered it and mentioned a fear of having to use the dorms as headquarters. While I have no doubt our mansion will prove a better academic environment than any dormitory, I can only hope it will provide a suitable atmosphere for this creative project. Judy and I have never before hosted a troupe of writers.

Of course, Judy doesn’t know about this yet. She’ll likely first learn of it sometime next week when we have our first meeting in the mansion. By that time, I theorize that at least one of the two young women Cassandra has been meeting with this week will have volunteered to join the project. I have had little opportunity to speak to either woman, but Cassandra has told me that both seem to be very intelligent and promising.

I must confess, however, that I am anxious for more writers to join us. A fellowship of storytellers anxious to reflect God’s light is a blessing I have eagerly awaited. I must also confess that since our six children left the home I’ve missed having an odd collection of people in the mansion. (Yes, indeed, I describe my kids as “an odd collection of people,” and they know it!) A mansion that has remained within the family since the 1700’s deserves to have more people living in it than merely my wife and me. Hopefully, this project will make it a lively place again, give us a chance to use some of the dozen-or-so guest bedrooms that have been amassing dust, and perhaps even give me some assistants for the molecular dissection experiment I’ve been wanting to try in my private laboratory. (Alas, the love of literature and the love of science infrequently dwell together in the same person, but our group may eventually draw someone who holds both loves. An old man can hope, can’t he?)

In the meantime, I suppose I had best go and begin to put the mansion into proper order for next week. I apologize for the absence of academic pondering in today’s entry, but at times it is better for the mind to rest and ramble. Thoughts can be free and flowing … like water. Tea. Yes, I should like some tea before I get to work. Farewell!

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