January 27, 2005 – I’d Just Come Home and Write

By Cassandra Talbot

I think it’s time to pull myself up and salvage this mess.

I didn’t sleep an ounce last night, but I accomplished quite a bit in my head. Everything in me was telling me to run from the Lem Institute as if my life were in danger, but I had to ask myself – what would I do then? I ran through the options in my head and remembered that a few of my contacts are looking for new executives, and it probably wouldn’t take too long for me to get back on track. So, with this thought, I began to relax and try to sleep as my thoughts transferred to tomorrow’s “to do” list. Go to Lem’s office, quit, come back here, make some phone calls, and as soon as office hours were over…? Then what?

I’d write in my journal. Perhaps I’d begin a book about my recent experiences.

And with that, I knew what I had to do, ridiculous as it sounds. I can quit when people inconvenience me, but the fact remains, I’m a writer, and no matter what happens, I’m going to come home and tell my journal all about it. Then I’m going to try to relay my experiences to the general public, hoping that their lives will be improved by reading it. And the thing is, Dr. Xay, Katrina, and Sarah are all the same way.

I need to bring this to their attention. Perhaps it will be worth it to them to reconsider.

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