January 31, 2005 – Terms of the Contract

By Katrina Alexis

I believe I surprised Cassandra today. I walked into the mansion with all my personal belongings, and the phone practically leaped out of her hands of its own accord. Apparently I was one of the last people she expected to see right then, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering that Story Project members are supposed to be living here now. But I came to understand that she had assumed me to be angry enough to quit after the bag episode.

Angry, I was. I immediately hurried to my flat to make sure nothing of mine had actually been touched. Then I packed and put most of my things in storage. I made a deal with my landlady, and I’m not losing too much money for quitting my contract early.

After that, I found a large box and bought enough packaging tape to make a statement. The gall of the man, to think I needed anything from him! Or that I somehow needed to be coerced to live in a mansion! But I’m not surprised really. Stuart is not surprising. Most men aren’t.

Then I came straight back to the mansion. I wasn’t aware that I had to call about my whereabouts. I don’t intend to call if I am ever out again. It’s my right to lead a private life. And seclusion in a mansion happens to be better than where I was.

I was polite to Cassandra as I generously told her what I’d been doing. I could see she was relieved that I was here. I explained in no uncertain terms that I am here for the long haul.

“How can I be sure?” she asked.

“You can’t,” I said.

We stood there looking at each other then. I was waiting to see if she had anything else interesting to say.

“Fair enough,” she said.

Fair enough, I thought. She is an interesting woman, and I think I might grow to like her, as odd as that sounds from my lips.

After our brief conversation, I strode upstairs to my room, found the offending luggage, and mailed it back to Stuart.

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