January 4, 2005 – College Graduate Existence

By Cassandra Talbot

Today I was made aware, or shall we say reminded, of the plight of the 22-year-old college graduate existence. I had an interview with a young lady hoping to become my assistant.

Now, when I graduated college and desired to become a professional, I was told that the journey was something like climbing a mountain. Sarah would say it’s more like climbing a down escalator. In an odd way, I think it’s possible I might be able to relate to her, even if she’s more cynical than an unpublished poet on her deathbed. Although, she doesn’t seem theatrical at all. I haven’t decided whether or not to hire her, because despite the crispy outer layer, I think there might be something of substance inside. In fact, I think there’s something exceptional inside that she doesn’t even realize. It’s the ability to see the exceptional. It’s the ability to see the world around her for what it is – a crazy, amusing place – and then tell other people what she sees. From where I stand, though, it seems as if she has no idea how outstanding her situations are. She tells the stories, but she’s oblivious to the fact that her stories are earth-shattering, hilarious, and dramatic. If nothing else, she would be of certain interest in the Story Project, with enough development.

I’m going to call her and have her come in for another interview, and this time, I’ll try to keep the goal in mind: I am, in fact, trying to find an assistant.

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