March 31, 2005 – Timely Reflections

By Dr. Xayyachack

Alas, this entry must be short. Just today I received a letter from an associate to whom I had promised – nearly a year ago – to complete a project of utmost importance for him. Regretfully, and, I am ashamed to say, unsurprisingly, I had completely forgotten about this project the last few months and now find myself frantically working in the mansion laboratory to find the answer to my friend’s needs. I imagine this is the sort of stress many of my students feel the night before a paper is due, knowing their procrastination has placed them in a tense situation.

Ironically, the nature of the project in question deals with time. One of man’s chief limitations, time allows us only a certain space of history to inhabit. Because there is apparently no means to reclaim time we have spent, we have only one chance to use each minute, hour, day, or other segment of time that has been allotted to us. When I consider this, I usually feel motivated to use every minute to the best of my abilities. I often realize sometime later that I don’t particularly like living like a machine – mechanically moving from one task to the next with time-saving, utilitarian efficiency. While I want to manage my time wisely, part of doing so should include taking time throughout the day to enjoy life, whether by lingering outside on a sunny day or breaking from paperwork with a cup of tea and conversation. Distractions are not always antagonistic, for they can provide havens of rich, life-sweetening moments in an otherwise hectic schedule.

At the same time, there is little excuse for failing to meet deadlines as I will soon do if I don’t return to work in the lab.

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