And the Winner is….

Four Till Boom!

Actually, there was a tie, so I made an executive decision. I was quite tempted to attempt Dinner at Twilight, but for the sake of the free-for-all that is NaNoWriMo, I think “Four Till Boom!” will be the easier choice. I apologize to those Dinner at Twilight fans out there. (As opposed to those Twilight fans.) I had some fun ideas which I may have to make use of sometime in the future.

A few thoughts:

  • I have a week to prepare, and by prepare I mean daydream. I probably won’t write any notes or outlines, except possibly a few chicken scratches on a sticky note that will become promptly buried beneath others.
  • I’ve already brainstormed some, mostly while listening to this wonderful song. I’d love to translate the energy and fun of this song into the story.
  • My goal: to write a story that moves as fast as possible without being ADD.

And finally, a request for suggestions:

  • This novel will be heavy action/adventure featuring a part cyborg protagonist. Obviously I don’t know what all will happen to him, and you have even less idea than I do. Still, I’m willing to take title suggestions. The novel can’t be called “Four Till Boom!” and I’d like some working title. My current idea — Buckethead.
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