April 13, 2005 – Spring Cleaning

By Bob Brown

It’s that time of year. Everyone is frantically scouring their homes for W-2’s and other tax papers. Accountants work feverishly long hours to try to make other people money. Yes, this is the time for spring cleaning.

Back at home this was a very strange time of year. Dad would always start pulling together every receipt he could find. Owning your own business makes taxes much more interesting. He would write off maintenance on the truck and farm equipment. Basically he, like most people, tried to find every way he could to get back his money from the government. Now, in order to do this he had to save absolutely every receipt he got over the whole year. So, my mother dubbed this week, the week before April 15th, Spring Cleaning. Dad needed to find things and mom needed to clean things – it was a perfect fusion.

I’d almost forgotten about it. Dr. and Mrs. X keep the mansion quite clean, and no one here was worried about taxes. But watching Mitch move in last week certainly jumped my memory. I think I’ll make a sign for spring cleaning. I don’t want to forget home, and I think my room could certainly use it. Maybe I can convince the others of my family’s holiday? I doubt it, but I’ll celebrate it all week. I think I’ll call my mom.

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