Hymn of Exile

Males: We are Ronkar, created from the mountain rock, created in the image of the Creator.

Females: We are Ronkar, formed in the likeness of sun and moon, formed in likeness of sea and cloud.

Chief Loaka: We are Ronkar, united in diversity by the will of God, paired from birth, male and female, husband and wife, brother and sister—andra and gundra. Who stands before us this day, alone?

Chieftess Liane: We are Ronkar, a people of twins, a culture of bonds. Who stands before us this day, alone?

Otaka: I am Otaka, and I stand alone.

Females: Where is your other, Otaka? Where is the gundra who shared your birth? Where is the sister who shared your soul?

Males: Otaka, where is your other? Where is the female who is your other half? Where is the wife who is closer than a friend?

Otaka: She is not here. She has returned to the earth. I have been…severed.

Chief Loaka: What is it you feel, Otaka?

Otaka: I feel nothing.

Chieftess Liane: What is it you feel, Otaka?

Otaka: I feel nothing.

Females: How shall we comfort you, Otaka? We cannot replace the one who has been lost.

Males: How shall we encourage you, Otaka? We cannot bear your pain upon our shoulders.


Otaka: I wish to leave.


Chief Loaka: That is not how the ceremony goes, young one.

Otaka: I will not stay with the other Severed Ones. I will leave.

Chieftess Liane: Where will you go?

Otaka: To the humans.

Chief Loaka: Let us discuss this.

Otaka: I am going. Give me your blessing.

Chief Liane: There is no ceremony for exile.

Otaka: Then I will leave without ceremony.

From the females, Ankina: I will sing farewell.

From the males, Uldrik, her andra: I will join her.

Chief Loaka: Very well. Sing to the severed.

Chief Liane: It is good. Sing to he who would be exiled.

They sing:

The dead rejoin the earth,
The dead beneath the rock.
Upward soars the soul,
Upward above the earth.

How light upon the wind,
How spry beneath the sun,
The soul without its body,
Without its heavy body.

How burdensome the body,
How stiff and old and brittle.
Without its joyful soul,
Without its airy touch.

Downward, our friend, downward,
Into the world of men.
Downward, Severed One,
Into the world of men.

May God watch your heavy step.
May God lift your heavy heart.
May God fill your empty soul,
And bring you back to us.

Ankina: Do you cry, Otaka?

Otaka: Yes, I cry.

Chief Loaka: What do you feel, Otaka?

Otaka: I have been comforted by sorrow, Chief.

Chieftess Liane: What do you feel, Otaka?

Otaka: My tears will flow now. Finally, my tears will flow.

All: Farewell, Otaka, our friend. You are Ronkar. Remember us and return. Remember us and return.

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  1. Awwww… poor Otaka. Now you made me want to go read Twilight Dawn which isn’t close to being written yet. Maybe I’ll have to settle for All Seeing Prophet…