Introduction to “What’s Left of My Life”

In the fall of 2008, I was missing my old friends in the Story Project. (And by “old friends,” I mean the characters I had written during 2005 and 2006.) Inspired, I decided to start writing the journal of Britney Bontrager again.

Britney Bontrager was an intelligent, stubborn, quirky, selfish, outcast of a high school student in the pages of the Story Project. I decided to pick up her story upon finishing high school. The blog entry that follow is what came of that idea.

Unfortunately, the project was short-lived, but I like the style and content enough to import it into this new website of mine. If you want a peek into an unfinished project or just want to see what happens when Nick Hayden channels the thoughts and emotions of an overwrought 18-year-old girl, read a few entries.

Hopefully, you’ll be entertained.

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