April 26, 2005 – Dinner

By Obed Kainos

Couldn’t sleep, so I finished my decorating project. I think the wall hangings add personality.

I didn’t believe it myself, but I actually met a guy named Bob Brown today, and a girl named Sarah Smith! They were far from bland, mind you, but I almost couldn’t keep from laughing when they introduced themselves to me. Actually, Bob introduced himself, and he had to introduce Sarah. She’s taller than I am, with shoulder-length hair. Pretty, in her own way. Big eyes, which were scared stiff of me. I couldn’t begin to imagine why – I’ve met her at least once. Unusual circumstances, though. We made dinner for ourselves and ate together. Apparently, we’re supposed to fend for ourselves for some meals, which is fine by me. Sarah and Bob were there, and Mitch showed up, along with another guy whose neck was as big as a tree trunk. The dude was all muscle, with a square jaw and a self-assured smile. Dimples in his cheeks, too. I wanted to laugh, but I shook his hand, anyway. He asked me if I had met “the Lady Katrina” yet. “A lovelier blossom you will not meet. She is the zenith of the heavens, Venus walking among us – gracious is it that we are not struck blind at her sight.” I laughed again and knew immediately that I would like this guy. Cassandra was not there. But then, neither were Dr. and Mrs. X, or Katrina. Gotta go to work now.


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