DToT #8 – Based on the Best-Selling Podcast!

The first installment of the podcast about storytelling that I co-host with my friend Timothy Deal. The topic this episode–Adaptations. From the site:

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Timothy Deal and Michael Cera as Nick Hayden, this investigative thriller follows the hard-hitting investigation of two heretofore unknown podcasters as they delve into the intricacies of movie adaptations, stumbling deep down the rabbit hole of Hollywood business decisions and fan demands to discover, once and for all, whether there is truth behind that universal declaration, “The book was better.”

With a rip-roaring Soundtrack, commentary by Listener Feedback, newly expanded Project Updates, and a behind-the-scenes Cinema Selections, this is one experience that the San Francisco Herald-Tribune-Gazette calls, “heart-stoppingly wonderful…cruelly sophisticated…hopelessly naive…the best hour of pure entertainment since that one time!” Don’t miss it! (3D glasses not included.)

Download it here or subscribe to us at iTunes.

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