Boy Chase Girl

All right, after much delay, here’s the final installment in the Taylor Trilogy. This time I tackle “Senior Panic,” which is that sensation seniors at Taylor University get when they realize they haven’t found a spouse yet.

I learned a lot making the first two movies, especially in editing, directing, and writing. This movie takes what I learned in the first two and the characters I created and smashes them all together. So, this is the height of my (very) amateur film making career. It’s nearly a half-hour, I believe, with a lot of callbacks to the earlier two films. I really wanted to tie everything up but also give a sense of continuation even after the last frame.

I had a lot of fun making this. I hope you enjoy watching it, even if you didn’t go to Taylor University Fort Wayne.

Don’t forget to watch the spiritual sequel, directed by Timothy Deal, The Love-Life of Wallace P. Fitzgerald.

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