April 27, 2005 – Dissension

By Obed Kainos

I got home this morning and took a shower, and then Mitch came and knocked on my door. When I opened it, he looked around inside and said, “Wow. This is huge. Mine’s more like a dorm room, but hey, I’m fine with that.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I was thinking of parking my hog inside with me, but the garages are nicer than some places I’ve lived, and I don’t think Mrs. X would appreciate me driving through her hallways. But your room isn’t like mine?”

“Nah,” he said, “but that’s cool. My room is perfect for my needs. I think they gave us rooms according to our personalities.” Uh, hold on there. Then why isn’t my room out in the garage? Beats me why they would have picked this room for me. I hope Stuart Lem didn’t have anything to do with this. Ah, probably not. Mitch was saying, “There’s a meeting at eight. Some of the others have classes at nine, so, sorry if I woke you, but we’ve got to keep it moving.”

“You didn’t wake me. Let’s go.” Mitch knocked on Bob’s door, went in, dragged him out of bed, and we met at a secluded stone table in the garden. Everyone but Mitch, Bob, and me was already seated. Cassandra wasn’t there.

“Where is our facilitator?” asked Dr. Xay. He’s got a wise face.

Sarah stood up shakily and said even more shakily, “Ms. Talbot d-delegated that responsibility to me today. She said that a terrible emergency came up and sends her grave apologies.”

Dr. Xay nodded absently. “Well, we have a quorum. Let us proceed. Bob,” and I think Bob would have liked to jump out of his skin and run away with his vital organs showing, “Ms. Talbot tells me that you have a story due.” Bob mumbled something like a reluctant affirmation, and Dr. Xay nodded slowly. “Very good.”

Sarah sat down as if her life depended on it, and then, everyone sat staring awkwardly at the table, except for me, because I was studying everyone else, and Katrina, who was glaring at me, at least when I was looking at her, which was only once, at a glance. I could feel that glare burning into the side of my head, and if looks could kill….

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Katrina spoke up. “I motion that we challenge Obed Kainos’s right to be here.” She doesn’t mince words.

Sarah jumped nervously and gasped. “Yeah, I mean…,” and she trailed off.

After that, Dr. Xay spoke up. “Dreadfully sorry, Mr. Kainos. Katrina, I am afraid project members have no say in this matter.”

“Apparently, neither does our recruiter. If he stays, I quit.”

From there, the discussion got muddy, mainly because Katrina was slinging it. Bob and Mitch apparently had been talking together about this because they both defended me in unison. Touching, really, considering they didn’t know me from Marilyn Manson. I pretty much kept my mouth shut while everyone talked all at once, until the situation escalated, by which I mean the talking got louder. When I had had enough, I shouted, “Ok, everybody! QUIET!” They all shut up, and the silence was profoundly comforting. “Look, I didn’t know I’d made such a strong impression on everybody. I mean no one any harm. I suggest a compromise. I will not attend your meetings. I will not bother anyone, unless he or she is willing. I will contribute my works. If any one of you is dissatisfied with my work, which I will furnish however abundantly you desire, I will leave, no questions asked. I wanted only to serve you.” That was one of my mission directives in coming here, actually. “If you are displeased with said service, I will leave at your bidding.” With that, I nodded seriously and left. No one stopped me, and no one has contacted me today. I take it that means I can stay, at least for now.

Cassandra must have something to do with this. I really ought to confront her about what she’s been telling people about me and ask her what exactly she has been saying.

i am but a sojourner in this place
Mind if i step into your world?
You seem so comfortable here, but
i know you’re like me
Don’t look back
You make the furrow wry
Rather, look straight ahead
He will direct you by his eye
Listen carefully, of course
Speak wisdom
The stars are listening
Have the servant’s heart
Dream always
But expect to die
So give your dreams to God
And rest in Him
Wait on Him patiently
Do His work, hands, heart, and mind
With all your strength,
i Know with man it’s impossible
i Know in this world it can’t be done
But Jesus did what’s impossible
He changed my heart.
So will you come with me?
i have nothing but trial to offer
Nothing but wandering to promise
But life i live and that fully
He is able to make me stand.

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