DToT #22 – Fear as a Fun Factor

Our Halloween episode of Derailed Trains of Thought, you’re premiere story-telling podcast:

Ah, Halloween. This is that festive time of year when such cuddly, creepy, heart-warming,bone-chilling creatures as evil witches, blood-slurping vampires, rotting zombies, and gory chainsaw-wielding psychopaths grace the forefront of our popular culture. Why do people enjoy being scared? And what role does fear have in storytelling?

Nick and Tim are joined by frequent-contributor Brian Scherschel to tackle these questions and more. In this topsy-turvy episode, we begin with a Cinema Selections look at a classic 1955 thriller, and then move to discuss the appeal of the horror genre, the merits of suspense over surprise, and try to figure out what’s the deal with this zombie craze anyway.

Whether you’re a horror addict or someone who hides behind the couch at the appearance of a menacing trash can, you’re sure to find today’s discussion intriguing. Take a listen!

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