DToT #26 – Capers, Chaos, and Pythons…Oh My!

Almost forgot to post this one, but you shouldn’t miss it, if only for the What If? segment.

KA-POW! In this episode of Derailed Trains of Thought, Tim and Nick–BAM!–fight their way through the–BANG!–dangerous question of what–RAT-TAT-TAT!–makes action awesome. TICK. And what makes it–SNICK! ARGHHH!–just a mess of dead bodies. TICK.

Also,in the return of What If?–WHAM!–Tim and Nick examine the horrifying possibility–TICK, TICK–of Michael Bay directing The Wizard of Oz.

So, find your favorite bomb shelter–ZAP!–and listen to…wait, do you hear….TICK, TICK, TICK….


Listen to it at derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com or on iTunes.

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