DToT #30 – The Droids You’re Looking For

A new milestone! Another Star Wars reference! Another great classic movie! If you don’t listen to Derailed Trains of Thought, why not?

C-3PO. Short Round. Dr. Watson. That funny guy from National Treasure. Just because a character isn’t the focus of a story, it doesn’t mean he can’t make an impression. So, Timothy Deal, with sidekick Nick (or is it Nick Hayden, with sidekick Tim?) take a look at what makes good supporting characters and why they’re so essential.

Also with us is our own supporting character, Brian Scherschel, who presents Frank Capra’sLost Horizon, a movie that takes the viewer to Shangri-La and back. What more can you ask from the 30th(!) episode of your premiere storytelling podcast? We’ve been gone awhile, but one listen, and it’ll be like we’ve never left. Like riding a bike. Or something.

Check it out at derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com or on iTunes!

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