Come Together

Hartwig HKD via Compfight

One of the powers of the storyteller is that he makes you feel.

Say, for instance, there’s this guy. We’ll call him Tristan. And he’s madly in love with this princess, but she’s married. We’ll call her, I don’t know, Isolde.

For a time, they sneak around in passionate, forbidden love. It’s exciting and dangerous. They shouldn’t be doing it, but…. They can’t even finish the thought before covering each other in kisses.

The king finds out, puts a stop to it. Bad things happen all around. Feelings are hurt. People die. Maybe a war breaks out.

Isolde will never be happy again. Her true love is gone. The only light in her life has been snuffed out.

If some nun gives a closing speech about how these were the consequences to Tristan and Isolde’s sin, would we buy into it?

Or would the passion and heartache linger on as the intellectual argument faded away?

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