DToT #33 – How to be Timeless

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It’s been a long time coming, but the newest episode of Derailed Trains of Thought, your premiere podcast about the art of storytelling, is finally up. Here’s the write-up:

We’re alive! Tim and Nick emerge from their summer hiatus with an instant classic! It’s a modern masterpiece! A genre-setting podcast! The best audio entertainment since “War of the Worlds”!

Or, at least, we discuss what makes a work of fiction “classic,” and that has to be worth something, right?

We follow up with A Bit of Story from the “so-unknown-it-must-be-classic” Story Project and finish with a mini Take on Tales. So, if you’ve been pining for some Derailed Trains of Thought, we’ve got you covered. It might not be Shakespeare, but who wants to read that ancient fuddy-duddy stuff anyway?

Check it out at derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com or subscribe on iTunes.

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