DToT #34 – Total Recall?

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We’re not dead yet! Derailed Trains of Thought, your premiere podcast about storytelling, is back for a clip-show style review of the last year’s episodes. At least, that’s the idea, though even our most fanatical fans might have trouble remembering these segments.

The official write-up:

Just in time for the holidays, the celebratory 2nd Anniversary Derailed Trains of Thought podcast!

So…instead of working ourselves to the bone (you know, as we usually do, trying to get out one episode every 9 weeks or so), we compiled a collection of our favorite segments from the last year.

I mean, who can forget our discussion of feminism and story, or the history of punctuation, or our treatise on the theological meaning of Looney Tunes? But, if for some reason you have, that’s what this clip show is all about.

Sit back and bask in an hour’s condensed glory of your premiere storytelling podcast. Also, listen to Nick and Tim nearly break into fisticuffs.

Trust me–this one’s a lot of fun. You can find it at derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com or on iTunes.

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