While You’re Waiting for The Unremarkable Squire

SelectsBodyguard-ebookThe Unremarkable Squire is nearly to the printer, so you should be hearing an official release date from me soon. If you haven’t signed up for a preview of the first chapters, why not do that now?

But, in the meantime, why not read something short and action-packed?

While I’ve been going through the publication process with The Unremarkable Squire, I’ve also been involved in getting the web project Children of the Wells up and running. I’ve talked about that other places and won’t bore you with details here. But, I wanted to announce that the first novella set in that world, The Select’s Bodyguard, written by yours truly, is now complete and available for free download.

Here’s the brief rundown:

When Bron, bodyguard to the Select, is jolted awake by an explosion, he quickly discovers that the entire city of Jalseion is in flames. Everywhere, people are dead, buildings collapsed, whole neighborhoods demolished. The scientific center of the world…burning to the ground.

And the Select, those who rule through the magic in the wells? Where are they, and what has happened to the magic that powers the city?

Bron banishes fear and uncertainty as he crosses the rubble with one goal: to find her.

Nothing else matters.

I’d love to share it with you. Just follow the link, enter your email, and download it. It’s available as PDF, epub, and mobi.

If you like it, drop me a note. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s full of action and features two characters I think you’ll find fascinating.  It’s a short book (or a long short story), and unless I’m much mistaken, you’ll get through it quicker than you’d like.

Have a long weekend or a sleepless night ahead of you, or just want some good story to spend the time with? Download The Select’s Bodyguard!

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