The Unremarkable Squire – Now Available!

It seems like I’ve been mentioning The Unremarkable Squire for something like a year. (Oh, wait. I have.) But now, it’s time to announce…

The Unremarkable Squire is now available!

You can get the print version from the publisher, from Amazon, or from your local bookstore. The ebook , from what I understand, will be ready soon. Retail is $13.95 for the print version and $5.95 for the ebook version.

For those of you local to Kendallville, IN, I have copies and they’re also in stock at Summer’s Stories on Main Street.

I’ll have announcements on book signings and contests in the near future, as well as my own thoughts on the whole promotion process. Be sure to stay tuned.

If you’re uncertain, sign up in the sidebar for preview chapters. Also, please sign up for my mailing list (also in the sidebar), so you don’t miss a thing. While I’ll be focusing on The Unremarkable Squire in the near future, I have a short story waiting to be released, as well as other projects I hope to complete in the near future.

And, just for old time’s sake, here’s the back cover blurb, in case you’ve never read it:

A squire’s oath is to be of service… but to whom?

In the kingdom of Basileon, an unremarkable and emotionally detached young man named Obed Kainos is about to stumble into adventure—quite against his will. When the knights of the realm gather in a quest to search for the lost Armor of Arkelon, Obed is chosen at random to replace the recently deceased squire of Sir Lance Valentino. While trying to perform his menial tasks faithfully, the young squire becomes entangled in the plots of mages, thieves, and kings.

And that’s just his first week on the job.

Unfortunately for Obed, his indifference cannot save him from his new oath. For despite his enigmatic personality (or perhaps because of it), he manages to attract a band of misfits to his cause— the ugly, the arrogant, the clumsy, and the cowardly—putting the legendary armor within the grasp of one who never wanted anything at all

And, just for fun, one of the obligatorily effusive review quotes:

“A remarkable tour de force set in a medieval world where magic is as common as muck, misunderstandings are ten a penny, and everyone but the hero has a remarkably good opinion of themselves. Nick Hayden mixes humor with fantasy to delight the inner eye and ear of the reader.” — Adele Abbot, author, Of Machines & Magics and Postponing Armageddon

Happy reading!


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