DToT #35 – Now The Page Was Formless and Void

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Wow!  I planned on posting a link to the relaunch of the podcast on storytelling I co-host with my friend Timothy Deal and I realized that I had never posted the final episode before our break. So, it’s old (like, beginning of 2013 old), but good advice on storytelling never goes bad. If you haven’t listened before, why not start now?

A new year brings new beginnings…like a new podcast about beginnings!

That’s right, after starting with endings way back in Episode 1, Nick and Tim come full circle to the beginning of things.

Whether it’s how best to start a story or why audiences like origins so much, your premiere storytelling podcast has you covered. And don’t miss as Tim and Nick give their obligatory two cents about who should direct Star Wars in What IF? and share a very important Project Update.

So, hang up your new cat calendar, sign up for that gym membership, and listen in to the latest episode of Derailed Trains of Thought. After two years, we’re just getting started.


Show Notes

The official site is http://derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com/.

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