DToT #36 – Real “Steel”?

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Timothy Deal and I finally re-launched our podcast on storytelling. If you’ve never listened in before, here’s the rundown–each episode we choose an aspect of  storytelling to discuss as well as reviewing books and movies we’ve run across. We’ve covered such topics as what makes a hero, how weather affects a story, how to use your time wisely as a creator, and the pros and cons of reboots.

We’re on iTunes, so subscribe to us there! We have quite the catalog built up, with 36 episodes finished, and more on the way.

With our re-launch, we’ve decided to start streaming our new episodes live. The first trial was a bit rough, but we had a good time and a good discussion.

Here’s the info:

We’re back! Again! After an extended hiatus to reflect and retool the podcast, Nick and Tim return with a new, live format for Derailed Trains of Thought! This episode was originally streamed live last week at mixlr.com, which allowed us to interact with our listener while recording as well as drastically reduce our editing time. We had a few technical snafus (early on, you’ll hear music playing before we intended it to), but overall it was a fun and mostly successful first broadcast!

But what, pray tell, did we talk about? Realism in fantasy, a topic inspired by the end of the summer movie season and controversy over Man of Steel in particular. How do storytellers help audiences suspend disbelief? And how does one make a story believable while maintaining the essence of the fantastic? Tim and Nick wrestle with these questions, review some of this summer’s movies, babble about their current projects, and more in the long-awaited return of Derailed Trains of Thought!

Download the episode here. The official site is http://derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com/.

Stay tuned for out next episode!

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