First “Unremarkable” Book Signing!

Look, it's Obed!

After a month of dragging my feet, I finally have my first book signing for The Unremarkable Squire scheduled for 5-7pm this Friday the 13th. (Lucky, huh?)

I’m starting close to home at Summer’s Stories/Joanna’s Dealicious Treats in my hometown of Kendallville, IN. It’s the perfect opportunity for any of you locals to come and get a signed copy of the best witty fantasy you haven’t read by a guy named Nick Hayden. (Unless, of course, you already bought a copy, then it’s just a possibly witty fantasy by a guy named Nick Hayden.)

As an extra bonus, if you come, I’m sure you can see me looking uncomfortable and pretending I’m not the center of attention.

And if you can’t come, well, I’m sure there are other places one might be able to find a copy of The Unremarkable Squire. Like that electronic monstrosity named after mythological warrior women.

Or after a rain forest. Yeah. That probably makes more sense. Since it uses up so much paper….

See you there!

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