Limited Time Offer!

squire_reviewAll right, time for a bit of promo because there’s lots of neat stuff going on with The Unremarkable Squire, but only for a limited time.

First, it’s Barking Rain Press’s anniversary, so there’s a 50% off site-wide discount going on during September. That includes the one and only newly released fantasy novel by yours truly. So, head over to my book’s page and use the coupon BRP2YEAR at checkout to purchase the print/ebook for half-price if you don’t already have a copy.

Second, I want to write you a story. Yes, you, dear reader. Most of you know I enjoy flash fiction (stories under 1000 words). I have nearly 60 of them on this site. Well, for anyone who posts an honest Amazon review for The Unremarkable Squire before October 1, I’ll write a flash fiction (or longer, if the story demands) based on your prompt.

As an example, I just posted “The Path Ends,” a story prompted by Angi Adams. She gave me the prompt “Turquoise Tragedy,” which I mulled around in my brain and transmogrified into a story of a people building a road to the dwelling place of their god. Read it–and consider writing a review so I can unearth the potential of your personal story prompt, too, whatever that may be. You never know what I might come up with.

Here’s the Amazon review page for your convenience.

Above all, though, I want to thank you, dear reader, for stopping by. I’d write regardless of anyone reading it, but it gives me all the more reason to carve out time with my pen and notebook if others are enjoying the words I scrawl out. And if you like it, perhaps someone else will as well.


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