Don’t Publish This!

A glimpse into one reason you don’t see many blogs from me–beside time issues. Not surprisingly, I wrote this a while ago and have been sitting on it for just the right moment…which isn’t coming anytime soon.


I have trouble pressing the “publish” button.

I’m used to writing stories, letting them sit, revising them, letting them sit, revising them, and finally giving up on them. Then, after a bit, I read through them once more, at a distance from what gave them birth, tweak this and that, and finally making them available in one form or another.

But the blog–the blog is a bit impromptu. It’s personal. It comes, you write it quick, you double-check it, and then you–publish?

No, you begin to doubt.

Did I say anything really worthwhile?

Does it make sense?

Is it even true?

This is especially applicable when I speak of anything to do with Jesus and Christianity, because I want to be right.

Actually, that’s the real problem in most cases. I want to be right. (And clever, if I can manage it, but mostly right.)

Because, once you post something, other people read it. They have opinions. (How dare they!) You live another day and learn things you didn’t know before, see issues from a new light.

Stories are universal in a way. They can say things you hadn’t quite known. But a blog is direct, to the point. A moment in a continuum.

So, press “publish”?

Maybe. I guess so.

Why not?

(Don’t answer that.)




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