Strin & Fred #3 – April 2014 Update

All right, everyone! I’ve let my blog sit around unused for some time, and it’s not likely to get better, either. But there’s at least one good reason for that–yes, that’s right! Not only did I say I was going to make progress on Strin & Fred #3, I actually have.

So, real quick, here’s the update.

I’ve handwritten about 10 new chapters. I think I’m over the roadblock that stopped me last time I stopped. Of course, new roadblocks are on the way, but I think I’ll blast through them. The middle of the Fred storyline had brought me to a halt. The same thing happened back in the middle of The Remnant of Dreams. I know where I’m going (mostly), but moving the pieces around in a way that’s both helpful and entertaining is difficult for me, for some reason. When I’m writing, I feel like nothing is moving. When I re-read it later, though, it usually moves at a much quicker clip than I’d imagined.

Actually, last night I was typing up a chapter that had marked at the start Delete This Chapter(?). As I revisited it, I found it held more interest and direction than I had originally thought. I’m planning on pulling out some threads from it to connect it better to future chapters, but it held up decently well.

Though it’s still not easy to sit down and find my way with Fred and Ananya and Timothy, with a bit of nudging,  they direct me well enough.

Who knows, by next update, I might be at the climax of this section of the book. Here’s hoping!


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