DToT #43 – The Child Within

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Yes, yes, it’s another blog about how you should be listening to Derailed Trains of Thought, the world’s greatest (and only) podcast about storytelling hosted by two guys by the name of Nick Hayden and Timothy Deal.

This episode’s topic — kid’s movies and kidlit. The official write-up:

Not everything’s War and Peace. Thankfully. Some stories don’t require a PhD. Sometimes we just want a good, simple story. So, Nick and Tim dive into the world of kidlit and kids’ movies–bastion (we hope) of innocence and wonder. Why do stories aimed at kids appeal to adults? What limitations do such stories have and how can they go wrong? Tim and Nick may or may not tackle these questions in their wide-ranging discussion.

Then, in the second half, they re-imagine various classic stories (such as Citizen Kane) as cartoons and animated films. Why? Because they can. Also, there may be a mention of a certain movie involving Muppets.

So, whether you’re 2 or 222, listen in to the 43rd episode of everyone’s favorite podcast about storytelling!

Seriously though, check us out. We’re at least vaguely entertaining as well as somewhat educational. The episode is here, and you can always subscribe to us on iTunes.

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