New Short Story – Malfunction

Sometime in September, while I was working on a nonfiction project, I had the hankering to write a bit of fiction. I asked for some numbers on my Facebook page. With those numbers I located a song off OCRemix, my favorite Internet music site. The song ended up being this spastic piece of music.

After pondering for some time (and listening to the song on repeat for quite a while), I concocted the story I present here.

It’s called “Malfunction,” and I think it works. I won’t say much about it and let it speak for itself. Here’s the intro:

Rain slashed suddenly across Adam’s face. He blinked against the relentless torrent, the icy pellets stinging him. The drops pricked his cheek, his neck, and the cold fire slid beneath his torn envirosuit. He had lost sight of the dome. He had seen it before the rain, when his journey had been furnace and sweat and wasteland. He had spied the dome, gray and round and marked by a thousand scars and wrinkles, waiting cold and mysterious in the distance. But now he could not find it. The ground slid beneath his feet and rain blurred the world, smeared it away until only a soup of vision remained.

Read the rest by downloading the PDF here: Malfunction – Nick Hayden.


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