DToT #48 – Glimpses of Light

This entry is part 46 of 48 in the series Derailed Trains of Thought

It’s another podcast! As a companion to the previous episode, we decided to tackle the role of beauty in stories.

“Balder the Beautiful / Is dead, is dead!” These words once caused a young C. S. Lewis to glimpse a scene of beauty and joy. We all have our own memories of a moment in some story that resonated deeply with us with its beauty. What makes such a moment? What is beauty, anyway, and can we capture it? Tim and Nick are on the case, examining the role of beauty in art.

In the second half, join us for A Bit of Story, recalling the longings of youthful springs, and some exciting project updates.

The leaves are turning, and a lovely chill is on the wind. Settle in and listen to the 48th episode of everyone’s favorite storytelling podcast, Derailed Trains of Thought!

Listen to it at derailedtrainsofthought.blogspot.com, on iTunes, or on Stitcher. Also, we’re putting all our episodes on Youtube, so check them out!

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