Introducing “Trudy”

I’ve a new short story for you all, but I’d like to share a bit about its genesis and evolution first. (If you don’t care about all that, skip to the end.)

Back when The Unremarkable Squire came out, I had a short-lived deal going: submit a review for the book on Amazon and I’d write you a flash fiction.

Angi Adams did so and gave me the story prompt “Turqoise Tragedy.” From that prompt came “The Path Ends,” a story I really enjoy.

At the same time, she also provided extra prompts in case the first didn’t work. One was “The Face That Wouldn’t Die,” which came from her husband Dave. I had an idea for that one and started on it. But like a number of my short stories ideas, it got stuck about halfway through.

epicantus / Pixabay

epicantus / Pixabay

I really liked the initial premise–a young man has an image he can’t get out of his head. The problem is I didn’t know how to end it. Since I first began the story I’ve had various possible endings come to me, the most persistent being what I call the “Bradbury” ending, which would have made a good ending but didn’t seem true to the way I wanted to write the world.

Jump ahead a year and a half. I’m working on another short story with a great start and a vague ending. Somehow, while taking one of my “brainstorm walks,” I come upon a possible, perhaps even preferable, ending to “Trudy.”

That’s what I present here. I’m satisfied with the results. I like the story. Perhaps you’ll like it too.

So, please read and/or download “Trudy,” my newest short story by clicking here.

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