The All-Seeing Prophet of Fortune and Love

Throughout 2016, I’ll be digging out old short stories that used to be among my “standards” but have fallen to the wayside, unread by many who might enjoy them. “The All-Seeing Prophet of Fortune and Love” is one of these.

This is an entertaining story of a conman and his Ronkar friend, of a beautiful, dramatic woman and her three very different suitors, of a fantasy desert town and the happenings therein.

A bit of history. Back in high school, a friend and I were going to make a super-cool Final Fantasy-esque RPG. I was the writer and he was the programmer. I created a world, characters, history, etc. Well, we never got very far into the game, though I did script/outline nearly 40% of it, I believe.

What I had left was a neat story, great characters, and a whole lot of unfinished story. So, now and then I write a short story in the world. This is one of the first and probably the best. (The most recent was the experimental flash fiction, “Hymn of Exile,” featuring Otaka, who first appears in “The All-Seeing Prophet.”)

So, take some time, download “The All-Seeing Prophet of Fortune and Love,” and enjoy!  –> The All-Seeing Prophet of Fortune and Love

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