Time to Debut My New Short Story Collection

Time for an actual author update, as opposed to a story.

Once again, it’s time for me to shuffle forth from my hermitage into the dusty autumnal light. This time, it’s to attend my first “con,” or convention, as an author. If you’re in Fort Wayne this Saturday and Sunday, stop by Fantasticon at the Grand Wayne Center where Nathan Marchand and I will be selling books. (And where I’m likely to be the most flannel person among a colorful cast of characters.)


I’ll have The Unremarkable Squire available, of course, as well as Bron & Calea Volume 1. It’ll also be the debut of my new short story collection, Behind the Curtain.

Behind the Curtain collects 19 stories, many available on this website, into one print edition. Together they represent some of my favorite and best short stories. Here’s the back cover:

A man trying to escape his timeless, unchanging prison…A father bent on demanding justice from the gods…A mad scientist scouring parallel worlds for riches…A child confronting the clock tower that haunts his dreams….A stranded spaceman struggling to fix a broken world…. Within the covers of this book are stories of men and women seeking that one thing just out of their grasp, searching for the realization of visions and dreams and nightmares, hoping to pull back the curtain and finally see…. Collected here are 19 short stories by Nick Hayden that examine what lies just beyond our reach, whether in outer space, another land, or just next door.


If you can’t make it to Fantasticon for a copy, Behind the Curtain is also available at Amazon.



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