The Madness of Franz Agapa

In my continuing effort to put online short stories from “The Archive,” I present today “The Madness of Franz Agapa.” This story is a spin-off, of sorts, from “The All-Seeing Prophet of Fortune and Love” and exists in the same world as “The King’s Shield.” Pierre Agapa is a adventurer/treasure hunter in “The All-Seeing Prophet,” but here we see a more tragic story from his childhood. His father, Franz, has lost everything and he’s convinced that if he can present his case to the gods, he will be vindicated. So he takes his wife and only child, Pierre, on a journey to climb Aginsar, where the gods live.

The story, though, is rather more personal than mythic, and I like it for that reason. Though it exists in a fantasy world, it’s really about a family dealing with their position in the world. It’s perhaps a bit more mundane than some would prefer, but I like it.

Maybe you will too.

Click the link to download–>The Madness of Franz Apaga

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