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Buckethead #23 – And All

This entry is part 27 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

“Molly. Molly. Come on, talk to me, Molly.” “Shh! What part of radio silence don’t you understand?” “I’ve never been that keen on silence.” “Oh, don’t I know it. Can’t talk. We’re going in.” Clint tried to get another word in before the line was cut. No luck. He leaned…

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Buckethead #22 – Idiotic Idea

This entry is part 26 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

Just beneath the control room, Clint took out the hallway cameras before Molly had a chance to tell him herself. The image-commands were thin and chaotic now, as if Arturo didn’t know what the next move should be and kept trying out options. Finally, three words occurred to him, surfacing…

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Buckethead #21 – Shocking Development

This entry is part 25 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

Three levels up, in a flurry of fire, din, explosions, and shouts. Bullets whizzed past his head; flame throwers singed his hair; shrapnel from crudely constructed bombs streaked over his body as he hit the floor. The picture-commands from Molly came in swift sequence, showing him his next action before…

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Buckethead #20 – The Speed of Thought

This entry is part 24 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

“Are you in?” “Give me some time, Clint. Even with these schematics, hacking into the Island’s systems takes time.” “Be careful. Just the survelliance system. Be gentle. Be invisible. Be—” “Be quiet,” Molly interrupted. “I’m just antsy. I’ve been sitting still too long. I gotta get moving.” Clint checked over…

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Buckethead #19 – A Time to Ponder

This entry is part 23 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

“I shot him,” Molly said, her voice quiet. “I shot him.” The words had a ragged edge. Clint saw where this was going. He grabbed Molly by the shoulders, forced her to look directly into his face, away from the man she had shot, and spoke slowly. “Look at me….

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Buckethead #18 – The Mystic

This entry is part 22 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

Clint whirled around, gun ready, but he hesitated, not knowing what he might hit if he let the bullets fly. Not everything stored in the armory was stable. The man before him was thin, his face hidden in a cowl. He stood with his hands folded before him, a thin…

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Buckethead #17 – I’m Invincible!

This entry is part 21 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

Clint stopped suddenly, backtracked, and took a different turn. “Clint,” Molly warned. “Trust me.” “I know where you’re going.” “I’m sure you do. Great minds think alike.” “You want to alert the whole Island to our presence?” “I can be stealthy.” “Like a hippo—” “Okay, that’s enough of that. We’ll…

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Buckethead #16 – Double Trouble

This entry is part 20 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

The staircase was not a continuous unit; certain parts of the Island’s design had been encouraged by extreme caution bordering on paranoia. The single staircase that connected all floors seamlessly allowed an intruder to move between levels with ease, they the builders constructed the stairs so that each connected with…

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Buckethead #15 – Almost in One Piece

This entry is part 19 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

The transition from unconsciousness to reality was confused, jarring, and unpleasant. “What? What?” he muttered. From his point of view, Molly had been screaming at him to come to for ages and eons, taking form after form in her eternal persistence. “Quiet,” she cautioned. “I wanted to let you rest…

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Buckethead #14 – Rough Reunion

This entry is part 18 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

Molly continued to stare at him with an unfathomable expression. She looked disheveled, but not much worse for the wear. Actually, Clint thought she looked absolutely stunning, like something solid in a world of mirages. He didn’t much worry about the way her face continued to contort. He had been…

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Buckethead #13 – Desperado

This entry is part 17 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

“Molly! Molly, listen to me! You need to tell me where you are!” Clint rummaged through the drawers of her lab desk looking for some clue. He had seconds before the Doctor’s assistants stormed in, guns blazing. Nothing. Or nothing he recognized in his frantic sweep. He glanced at the…

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Buckethead #12 – A Little Too Quiet

This entry is part 16 of 27 in the series NaNoWriMo

Clint glanced into the hallway. No one. It would have encouraged him to find three black tie operatives and Doctor Destructo himself waiting for him. What he feared more than an impossible task was one that should have been impossible but seemed not to be. A deep, almost subconscious vibration…

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