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What is The Eternal Night Saga? (Part 1)

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I’m going to spend a few blogs explaining my next big project. It’ll take a bit of time because I’m picking up a project I started long, long ago, before I was 30, before I was married, even before I started college. And that project is The Adventures of Strin…

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How the Eternal Night Saga began (Part 2)

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Man, I really need to get used to writing The Eternal Night Saga. It’s hard to break 10 years of calling it “Strin and Fred.” (By the way, I dusted off my negligible Photoshop skills. See?) Anyway…. I wanted to give a bit of background on the creation of the story…

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Revisiting The Eternal Night Saga (Part 3)

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So, here we are, the moment of truth. As I worked my way toward finishing Book 3, I found myself stuck. It seemed to me that too much time had elapsed for there to be interest in Book 3 (except for a handful of very dedicated fans) when you couldn’t even…

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Prologue – A Vision of Lila in the Horizon

This entry is part 4 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

 A Vision of Lila in the Horizon Taken from the writings of Timothy Lown, Governor of the Horizon That wall of night upon the Kingdom’s edge Had lured me with the whispers of its name— Horizon. No one knows what lies beyond. Perhaps there is a void beyond its veil…

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Introductory Quotation

This entry is part 5 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

The Horizon’s a frightfully odd place. Once, two armies clashed upon its cliffs in desperate battle—one for its survival, the other for its domination. Two men, now immortalized by the ink of historians reputable and unreliable alike, sounded the fate of commoners and kingdoms and greater things in the clanging…

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Chapter 1 – To Wake

This entry is part 6 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

It began, as things of importance usually do, in an unassuming way— Strin Telnok woke up. Strin was a Horizon man, but he did not wake on the Horizon. He currently had a bed in a small inn on the edge of the city named the Crystalline Castle. The strange…

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Chapter 2 – Of Dreams and Tea Parties

This entry is part 7 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

One thing was certain: Strin and Fred stood in a cavern of glass wearing nothing but their nightclothes. Where they were exactly—whether in some exotic prison, subterranean chamber, strange dream, or foreign land—and why—neither knew. Strin had no clues except his memories of the night before, and those did not…

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Chapter 3 – The Translucent Cyborg

This entry is part 8 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

Strin was looking at something behind Fred. Fred spun, prepared for anything, and nearly fell as his foot hit the base of a stalagmite. But he caught himself on the same stalagmite—all was well. The glass was smooth against his skin, and slick. Looking up, he saw a wavering illusion…

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Chapter 4 – A Sea of Energy

This entry is part 9 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

A single, yellow-gray tentacle stretched into the ambient light. Another followed. One by one they entered as the machine rolled in; they encircled its body. The low-grade synth-flesh rubbed against the hidden mechanics of the tentacles, creaking tightly. The machine lumbered forward, its treads turning laboriously and rumbling low, and…

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Chapter 5 – What Luck?

This entry is part 10 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

The eyes stopped tracking Strin. The neck slumped. The tentacles drooped and laid their tips on the ground. The revolutions of the upper body slowed; the pivoting abdomen spun lazily to a stop. Strin hopped off the slowing main body and landed easily on the ground beside a tangle of…

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Chapter 6 – Rippling Time

This entry is part 11 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

The door led into a featureless tunnel of the same purple glass. Light shone evenly from the walls so that there was neither shadow nor sense of depth. After a few minutes, Fred ceased talking and fell back, allowing Strin to lead. Fred glanced behind every so often, but he…

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Chapter 7 – The Empress and Her Crystalline Castle

This entry is part 12 of 31 in the series Trouble on the Horizon

Amid the dense, untamed forests that clothe the foothills of the Grenhki Mountains, wedged in the valley cut by the River Bann, sits the Crystalline Castle. But it does not merely sit—it exudes a presence of royalty and righteousness; it shines with the same light as the green leaves in…

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