Summary: The Story Project is the dream of one man, but it is the lives of thirteen others brought together over the course of one year. Their journals chronicle loneliness, longing, and love as a house of strangers struggles to become a community. But it seems everyone hides a secret…. They came because they wanted to write stories — but they have become the story.

These journals are thirteen different views of life woven together into one story, a story about connecting with different people…or, at least, trying to.

Delve into the strange relationship of Cassandra and Obed, the eccentricities of the Lems, the tragedy of Lance and Katrina, the generous warmth of the Xayyachacks, the adventures of Jonathan, as well as Sarah’s clumsiness, Bob’s procrastination, Mitch and Juliana’s budding love, and Phil’s…whatever.

The journals here were originally published in 2005 in “real-time” online. Six authors contributed to the thirteen fictional writers.

Aaron Brosman
Natasha Hayden
Nick Hayden
David Miller
Maura Oprisko
Timothy Deal

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