Summary: When they joined the Story Project, they shared only one thing: a desire to tell stories. They didn’t know that they were the story.

In the wake of Cassandra Talbot’s sudden departure, Katrina takes charge in her no-nonsense manner, but the other members forget that she has issues of her own. Mitch and Juliana’s wedding preparations inadvertently inspire confused feelings between Bob and Sarah, even as Dr. Xay’s secret experiments inspire hope in Jonathan. Lance struggles to move beyond his feelings of rejection and unexpectedly finds what he always wanted. Phil and Britney, constantly butting heads, discover that they might care more for each other than they want to admit. And this year, even Vincent pops his head out of his room now and then.

Join the residents of the Xayyachack mansion in their second, and final, year together. When they joined, they didn’t know it would end so soon. Two years isn’t long, but it’s time enough to live a story.

Aaron Brosman
Natasha Hayden
Nick Hayden
David Miller
Timothy Deal

Print: Lulu

Ebook: Smashwords / Amazon

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